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Bonneville Tatters History

The Bonneville Tatters began June 28th, 2008 on Jackie Kidd's patio. That first meeting consisted of Julie Johnson, Jackie Kidd, Wendy Griffin and Melissa Lichtenstein, they talked out their ideas and decided to organize and start the Bonneville Tatters.

On July 19th 2008, Julie Johnson, Jackie Kidd, Janeal Plouzek, Lorella Smith, Leara Bernhard, Melissa Lichtenstein , Wendy Stoddard, Heidi Sugden, and Wendy Griffin (who was not there but on a phone placed in the middle of the table everyone sat around) at the West Valley Library wrote out the By Laws and elected the first officers of the Bonneville Tatters.

2008  Officers
Chair - Julie Johnson
Chair Elect - Jackie Kidd
Secretary - Wendy Griffin
Historian - Wendy Stoddard

The group met the third Saturday each month except December from 1 - 4 pm at the Library with their first public meeting on September 20th, 2008.

September 2008 - First public meeting
October 2008 - beading was taught by Jackie Kidd
November 2008 - nominations were held for 2009 elections

A website was created and is www.bonnevilletatters.com.

Utah State Fair demonstrations were organized by Janeal Plouzek and Lorella Smith, with members from the Bonneville Tatters giving tatting demonstrations and club information to Fair attendees. Those attendees account for the majority of our members who come to the monthly Bonneville Tatters meetings.

In 2009, Julie Johnson organized an entry into the Salt Lake City Festival of Trees.  Lots of people contributed time, tatting and props to make the entry a wonderful success.

Also in 2009, Aloma Blaylock , organized the Ogden Chapter of the Bonneville Tatters which meets at the Pleasant Valley Branch Library the 1st Saturday of each month except January.


January 2009 - Elected new officers for 2010 and teaching "Split Rings"

2009  Officers
Past Chair - Julie Johnson
Chair - Jackie Kidd
Chair Elect - Janeal Plouzek
Secretary - Wendy Griffin
Historian - Lorella Smith

February 2009 - Split Chains taught by Julie Johnson
March 2009 - Hiding ends for a finished look was taught
April 2009 - Reviewed Split Rings, Split Chains, Hiding Tails

Several Members attend Shuttlebirds Tatting Conference in Spokane Valley, WA - Dale Pomeroy (The Mad Tatter) a certified tatting instructor from the Wasatch Front taught a class at Shuttlebirds.

May 2009 - Spokane workshop review and Jackie Kidd teaches Card Making

(June 2009 and July 2009 meeting information missing)

August 2009 - Shuttling Through Time taught by Dale Pomeroy
September 2009 - demonstrations were given at the Utah State Fair by club members
November 2009 - Nominated 2010 officers


January 2010 - Elected 2010 officers

2010  Officers
Past Chair - Jackie Kidd
Chair - Janeal Plouzek
Chair Elect - Karen McLaws
Secretary - Wendy Griffin
Historian - Lorella Smith

February 2010 - Tat and Chat
March 2010 - Taught Winding Shuttles, hiding threads and adding new threads.
April 2010 - Tat and Chat –

Several Members attend Shuttlebirds Tatting Conference in Spokane Valley, WA - Jackie Kidd taught card making with tatted embellishments at Shuttlebirds.

May 2010 - Tat and Chat, review of Spokane Workshop, Card Making taught by Jackie Kidd
June 2010 – Beaded Earrings taught by Marty Lewis
July 2010 - Christmas in July
August 2010 - Tat and Chat
September 2010 - demonstrations were given through out the 2010 Fair.
October 2010 - Celtic Knots were taught
November 2010 – Nominated 2011 officers


January 2011 - Elected new officers

2011  Officers
Past Chair - Janeal Plouzek
Chair - Karen McLaws
Chair Elect - Julie Johnson
Secretary - Sean McLaws
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2011 - Tat and Chat
Discussed start up of the Utah County Chapter with Lorna Burgess

March 2011 - Split Rings were taught by Jackie Kidd

April 2011 - Split Rings were taught by Julie Johnson
Several members attended the Spokane workshop where Wendy Griffin taught needle tatting

May 2011 -  Bead Techniques were taught by Jackie Kidd and Sean Mclaws

June 2011 -  Blocking and Cleaning was taught by Lisa Kramer and State Fair rules and hints was taught by Karin Holder

July 2011 - Christmas in July was held with White Elephant gifts exchanged and games by Karen Mclaws and Julie Johnson

July 2011 - Bountiful Handcart Days demonstrations were given by several BT members

August 2011 - Worked on Fair projects and Tat and Chat

September 2011 - Tat and Chat - We had more new members at this meeting than we had our regular tatters.

Utah State Fair demonstrations, several of our members received  ribbons at the fair. These are ribbon winners that were reported:  Aloma Blaylock, a blue and red for her vest and hat;  Sharon Cragun, a blue for her U.S. Flag; Leesa Kramer, a blue for her tatted cross bookmark;  Marty Lewis, several ribbons (we need a list of projects).

October 2011 - Needle tatting was taught by Wendy Griffin

We were invited to donate tatted snowflakes for the 2013 IOLA (International Old Lacers Association) convention, those who wants to participate asked to tat a 6 pointed, #20 thread, snowflake about the size of a small canning lid

November 2011 - Tat and Chat and nominations taken for new officers.


January 2012 - Tat and Chat and Election of new officers

2012  Officers
Past Chair - Karen McLaws
Chair - Julie Johnson
Chair Elect - Lara Barnhart
Secretary - Wendy Griffin
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2012 - Tat and Chat and Wendy taught Paperclip Tatting
Officers meeting held prior to February meeting
- Update bylaws - New Permanant Officer Postion: Webmaster - Sean McLaws; new web address www.bonnevilletatters.org
- Plan 2012 Calendar

March 2012 - Julie taught “How to Tat large rings and long chains that look good” and “Rings on Rings”

April 2012 - Tat and Chat

May 2012 - Sean taught “Cluny Leaf”

June 2012 - Leora taught “Easy-beady earrings”, Karen taught “Block Edging”

July 2012 - Julie Johnson hosted Christmas in July fun was had by everyone with a White Elephant exchange, shuttle games, homemade snacks and drawings.

August 2012 - Tat and Chat, discussed upcoming State Fair business

September 2012 - Tat and Chat and discussed fair winners.  Congratulations to Marty Lewis with 7 blue and and 2 red ribbons, Karen McLaws with 1 blue ribbon,  Jaye Jarvis 1 blue and 4 red ribbons, Jan Davis 2 red ribbons, Lori Brevertom, 1 red, 1 white and 1 pink ribbon, Joyce Marden, 1 red ribbon, Natalie Stratton 1 red ribbon, and Barbara Hubbard  with 1 white ribbon.  Sorry if anyone was missed or the ribbons are listed incorrectly.

October 2012 - Tat and Chat

November 2012 - Marty taught Swirl Tatted Crystal Chain Bracelet with several variations.  
- 2013 Officer nominations were postponed until January meeting due to so few people at the meeting.

December 2012 - No meeting


January 2013 - Tat and Chat
- Jeanie taught Magic Thread (hiding ends)
- Elections were held for 2013

2013  Officers
Past Chair - Julie Johnson
Chair - Lara Barnhart
Chair Elect - Leesa Kramer
Secretary - Wendy Griffin
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2013 - Jeanie taught different Tips and Tricks

March 2013 - Leesa taught Shamrocks and Easter, pearl tatting

April 2013 - Tat and Chat while many of our members went to Spokane tatting conference

May 2013 - Tat and Chat
- Jeanie taught Katherine Wheel
- State Fair demonstrators singed up

June 2013 - Jeanie taught/reviewed split rings to start making a U.S. Flag pattern

July 2013 - Christmas in July – fun for everyone, games and white elephant gift exchange.

August 2013 - Tat and Chat - Leesa taught 3D Flower Barrets

September 2013 -

Tat and Chat - Jackie Kidd taught making mesh boxes and decorating tops for boxes, jars, etc.

                    - State Fair – Bonneville Tatter's members demonstrated tatting to the fair audience.

                     Here is a list of several of the many tatting entry winners that the Historian noted. There where probably more but not found among the many beautiful crafts displayed:

                                    Marlene Lewis, 7 Blue

                                    Jeanie  Schekel, 6 Blue

                                    Wendy Star, 2 Red

                                    Sharon Raleigh, 2 Red

                                    Fay Jarvis, 1 Red, 1 White, 1 Pink

                                    Francine Bailey, 1 Blue, 1 White

                                    Sharon Cragun, 1 Blue

                                    Joan Harrington, 1 Blue

                                    Elaine Walton, 1 Red

                                    Peggy Wilson, 1 Red

October 2013 - Planned: (typically many new members from State Fair; several teachers needed)
- tat & chat

November 2013 - Planned: cluny – Sean McLaws
- nomination of officers for January elections

December 2013 - Planned: Ogden – tat & chat
- Salt Lake City – no meeting due to Christmas


January 2014 - Tat and Chat
- Jeanie taught Magic Thread (hiding ends)
- Elections were held for 2014

2014  Officers
Past Chair - Lara Barnhart
Chair - Leesa Kramer
Chair Elect - Shannon Rhodes
Secretary - Wendy Griffin
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2014 - Tat and Chat
- Show and Tell - Bracelets, 3D Tatting
- Leesa Kramer taught Sharmrock Bracelet

March 2014 - Tat and Chat
- Lees Kramer taught “Tatting Shuttle Name Tag” which was rewritten by Jeanie Schekel for 5,6,7&8 letter names.

April 2014 - Tat and Chat
- Leesa Kramer discussed pratical uses for tatted pieces, here are a few examples:
- Collars, Vests, Card embellishments, Ornaments, Flowers, Edginings, Bookmarks, Jewelry, pretty much anything you can use crochet for.
- Also discussed hiding threads by sewing them in, using magic threads made of Fishing wire, beading wire, floss threaders etc.

May 2014 – Tat and Chat
- Arlene Johnson and her granddaughter gave a demonstration on how a right handed person can teach a left handed person tatting techniques.
- Tonya Carmon gave a review of her experiences at Shuttle Birds last month.
- Ann shared new patterns, books, shuttles and bobbins from Handy Hands.
- Jeanie Schekel showed six tatting knots and when to use them.
- Leesa Kramer gave talked about cleaning, starching, blocking and care of tatting.

June 2014 – Tat and Chat
- Linda Thurman shared her discovery of $1 store wire pencil baskets and using tatted motifs and edging to decorate them.  She also found that Toddler’s Chef BoyRDee microwave food containers with vent holes from the $1 store are perfect in-expensive thread holders.
- Marty Lewis show differents ways to hide tatting ends.
- Leesa Kramer taught her Beaded Dragonfly pattern.
- Kelley Kiyota showed her use of the Tatting Shuttle Name Tags which she sews to onto hand made Journal Covers.

July 2014 – Christmas in July, white elephant exchange, tatting party games.
- Rhonda shared her Nativity Motif that she altered to her specifics.

August 2014 – Tat and Chat
- Jeanie Schekel taught Mille-Fleurs pattern by Joelle Paulso.

September 2014- Tat and Chat
- Discussed different ways to teach and how we learn.
- Several Bonneville tatters submitted entries to the Utah State Fair, below is a list of those that we know of:

  Marty Lewis:
     Halloween Card, Blue
     Stuffed Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Blue
     Snowflakes, Blue
     Christmas Mice Bookmarks, Blue
     Beaded Earrings, Blue
     Rainbow Colored Doiley, Blue
     T Shirt Neck Edging, Blue
     Pink Doiley, Blue
     Floral Headband with Butterfly, Blue
  Wendy Griffin:
     Purple Coaster, Red
     Catapillar Paperclip, Red
  Valerie Hathaway:
     Green Brouch, Pink
  Bonnie Lewis:
     Christmas Ornanent, Blue
  Ms Hanks:
     Suncatcher, Red
  Dawn Kensworth:
     Crazy Quilt with tatting, Blue
  Sarah Carrol:
     Mauve Motif on Journal, Blue
  Virva Sanforf:
     Purple,Pink,Blue Bookmark, Blue
  Joelyn Weston:
     Green Butterfly, Red
  Sharon Raleigh:
     Egg Ornament, Blue             

October 2014 – Chat and Tats
- Discussed ways to organize patterns and supplies, both manually and electronic.
- Discussed Aloma Blaylock Fund
- Learned ways to determine how much thread a project needs.

November 2014 – Chat and Tat
- Linda Thurman shared her beauthiful 50 year wedding display and tatted collar.
- Jeanie Schekel showed and the group how do read a thread chart and hwo to determine the size of any thread.
- Took nominations for next years officers.

December 2014 - No meeting due to the business of the Christmas season.


January 2015 - Tat and Chat
- Elections were held for 2015

2015  Officers
Past Chair - Leesa Kramer
Chair - Shannon Rhodes
Chair Elect - Vacant
Secretary - Karen McLaws
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    Kimberly Deweese voted to be Chair Elect
-    Discussed International Tatting Day April 1st  and ways to honor/enjoy it.
-    Everyone who wanted to, shared their current project/product/pattern etc. with the group.  Fun, informative, let’s do it again.
-    Shannon Rhodes shared her story of how and why she started tatting.

March 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    Lessa Kramer gave a class on Antique Tatting sources and Antique Patterns
-    Everyone shared something related to tatting.

April 2015 – Tat and Chat
-    Round Robin Classes
-    Shannon taught Covering Cabone Rings
-    Jeanie taught how to open a closed ring and tricks to make a better closing of a ring
-    Kelly taught her self developed 3-D Heart pattern
-    Leara taught Social get together skills by having everyone answer questions cards on tatting
-    Everyone shared something they liked about tatting.

May 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    Leesa Kramer taught Cathrine Wheel Joins
-    Sharing time with tips and likes

June 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    Sharing Time
-    State Fair Sign Up

July 2015 - Xmas in July, everyone shared a tatted Xmas item with the group
-    Gift Exchange
-    Fun, fun, fun

August 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    Dale Pomeroy taught several joins
-    Heather Bee was elected to become the new Chair Elect

September 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    State Fiar winners were:
     - Tamara Hustead – Chess Set – Advanced Sweepstake
     - Virva Sandorf – Bookmark – Blue
     - Alenae Mackey – Mask – Blue
     - Virva Sandorf – Card – Blue
     - Jann Davis – Square Doiley – Blue
     - Alenae Mackey – Trim – Blue
     - Virva Sandorf – Trim – Red

October 2015 - Tat and Chat

November 2015 - Tat and Chat
-    2016 Officer Nominations

December 2015 - No Meting


January 2016- Tat and Chat
- Elections were held for 2016

2016  Officers
Past Chair - Shannon Rhodes
Chair - Heather Bee
Chair Elect - Eva Rushton
Secretary - Karen McLaws
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2016 - Tat and Chat

March 2016 - Tat and Chat
- We were introduced to a program on how to diagram a tatting pattern.  Look up www.koreantatter.blogspot.com

April 2016 - Tat and Chat

May 2016 – Tat and Chat
- Several Bonneville tatters reported on the classes they took at Shuttlebirds in Washington.  Next year's theme will be Flurie of Flakes.

June 2016 – Tat and Chat
- Planned next month's Christmas in July
- State Fair Sign-up started

July 2016    - Tat and Chat

August 2016     - Tat and Chat

September 2016  - Tat and Chat
- State Fair winners were:
      Jeanie Schekel – Large White Doily - 2nd place
    Jeanie Schekel – Maroon and White Doily - 1st place
    Jeanie Schekel – Angels - 1st place
    Jeanie Schekel – Necklace/Lanyard - 1st place
    Jeanie Schekel – Flower Trim - 1st place
    Jeanie Schekel – Hat
    Sharon Raleigh – Tatted button panel on sweater - 4th place
    Jackie Carter – Tatted decor on a Christmas bulb
October 2016 – Tat and Chat
          -Leesa Krammer brought Orvis Paste and reviewed how to clean tattted/lace.

November 2016 – Tat and Chat  
-Linda Thrman taught a class on how to tighten up a loose shuttle
-Nominations were held for leadership position
-Chair elect – Kelly Kiyota, Karen Thatcher
-Historian – Donna Grove
-Secretary – Karen McLaws
-Web Master – Sean McLaws

December 2016 – No Meeting


January 2017- Tat and Chat
- Elections were held for 2017

2017  Officers
Past Chair - Heather Bee
Chair - Eva Rushton
Chair Elect - Kelly Kiyota
Secretary - Karen McLaws
Historian - Donna Grove

February 2017 – Tat and Chat

March 2017- Tat and Chat

April 2017 – Tat and Chat
–    Reminder was sent out that if you want to provide a Xmas decoration form the VA Xmas trees, get them to Wendy at or before the November meetings.

May 2017 – Tat and Chat
–    Karen McLaws, Eva Rushton, and Tonya Carman showed the group the projects/patterns they learned at Shuttlebirds.
–    Jeanie Schekel taught a class on Interlocking Split Ring Chains

June 2017 – Tat and Chat
–    Tatters signed up for demonstrating at the September Utah State Fair

July 2017 – Christmas in July, tasty snacks and fun was had by all playing “Tatting Poker” where everyone received five cards with tatting requirements and fashioned a tatted product following the card instructions in what ever order they wanted.

August 2017 – Tat and Chat
–    If you want to donate non breakable tatted Christmas Tree Decorations to the VA, please give them to Wendy no later than the November meetings.

September 2017 – Tat and Chat and welcomed new members from the Utah State Fair.
–    State Fair Winners, congratulations:
    Juliannah Ashby – Shawl 2nd place
    Christine Hoyt – Ornament 1st place
    Teri Jessup – Bonnet 3rd place
    Marji Skievich – Ornament 1st place
    Marji Skievich – Motif - 1st place
    Virva Sandorf – Snowflake - 2nd place
October 2017 - tbd

November 2017 - tbd